The Grove Health Pymble has rebranded!

For you, it’s business as usual with the same quality healthcare delivered by the same dedicated team. We thank you for putting your health, wellbeing and trust in our medical team and look forward to continuing to care for you for many years to come.

Welcome to our new website where you can find out more about our medical centre.

Established in 1983, and Directed by Dr Richard Schloeffel OAM, The Grove Health (formerly Pymble Grove Health), is a well-renowned health care centre with a committed team of qualified Medical Practitioners, many of whom are leaders in their fields.

For over twenty years we have been a cutting edge practice offering appointments with Practitioners that strive for quality health care utilising their extensive knowledge, training and experience in their chosen field.

Our experienced practice includes Integrative GPs and Paediatricians, Registered Nurses, Naturopaths, Integrative Dieticians, Nutritionists and Psychologists, and highly qualified support personnel with a dedication to genuine care and administrative excellence.

Our Practitioners are pioneering a collaborative approach that is inclusive and welcoming of a diversity of modalities and specialities. With ground-breaking protocols, shared care ideals and inter-clinical mentoring, The Grove Health is a cornerstone of the practitioner network providing safe and supportive environments for all to expand their knowledge and skill set.

Located in Gordon, our practice strives for a serene, sunlit and holistic environment for all with an outdoor waiting area with beautiful gardens and large window outlooks for all Practitioner rooms. We have an onsite Dispensary where our qualified Naturopaths will assist you in a modern, spacious and calm environment. The Dispensary always endeavours to have the best possible products available in the current market and stock a wide range of local and international supplements for our clientele.

The Grove Health forms part of the Fullerton Health Australia who are leaders in occupational health, allied health, general practice, integrative medicine, third party administration, emergency assistance and response.


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Outdoor Waiting Area

The Fullerton Health Network

The Fullerton Health Network consists of more than 190 fully owned clinics in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Hong Kong and more than 8,000 medical providers globally. We cover a wide range of services, including primary care, medical specialist care, medical benefits management services, advanced medical diagnostic imaging, chronic care, physiotherapy services, dental services, executive health screening, occupational health services, medical assistance and evacuation services and pharmaceutical services.

Our integrated healthcare model and our scale of operations across five markets mean we can offer cost-effective solutions to our:

Corporate clients: We are able to offer customised solutions which address our corporate clients’ specific requirements. Because we have an integrated healthcare model on an extensive scale, we are able to do this while still achieving reductions in the time and money our clients spend on administrative matters. This results in enhanced productivity, reduction of medical leave and ultimately healthcare and manpower cost savings.

Insurer clients: We are able to draw on our extensive economies of scale and long-term contracts with our providers, to deliver significant cost savings. Our in-house medical team has extensive experience in evaluating the quality of care and adjudicating medical claims for the insurer.

Healthcare Service Providers: We service more than 25,000 companies, which means large patient volumes for our healthcare service providers. Our information technology system enables convenience in claims processing and payment. Our data analytics capabilities also provide clinical insights into care management and improving delivery services.

Patients: We are a healthcare provider and ultimately, we exist because we want to deliver quality healthcare services to our patients. Our patients benefit from the wide array of medical services available via our Fullerton Australia Medical Centre Network.

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