We hope you and your children enjoy the environment we have created for our patients both in our indoor and outdoor waiting areas.

While our outdoor area provides a space for children to move around and interact we do ask parents to supervise children at all times as these areas are shared by many patients some of whom may be extremely ill.

We have created two Japanese gardens, one on either side of our outdoor area. These gardens are for viewing only and our intention is to offer you the opportunity to enjoy the calming effect Japanese gardens offer through their affiliation and balance with nature.

We ask parents to help their children understand and appreciate this meaning.

Zen GardenThere may be times when the doctor is running unavoidably late, we hope you will be able to use this time to enjoy your family’s interaction in a relaxed aesthetic environment.

  • All food is to be eaten in our outside waiting area.
  • Patients are asked not to go outside our enclosed roof area.
  • The public area is for building tenants only

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