We here at The Grove Health , understand and appreciate the complexity of weight management and therefore our approach is collaborative between all practitioners, welcoming a diversity of modalities and specialities. With ground breaking protocols, shared care ideals and inter-clinical mentoring, The Grove Health is a cornerstone of integrative practitioner networks providing a safe and supportive environment for all.

Lose weight with The Grove Health. We can provide proven and scientifically validated weight loss program individualised to your needs. Our weight loss programs include an assessment of the nutritional, biochemical, social, emotional and environmental factors effecting your weight and health. After your assessment our practitioners will explore the weight loss program optimal for your needs. Options include;

  • The Ideal Protein Weight loss program a scientifically proven Ketogenic diet program with both face to face and online support to keep you on track to find the newer healthier leaner you.
  • Groups support sessions and consultations so you can lose weight in a supportive environment learning from your fellow dieters.
  • Individualised Medical weight loss programs including Diet programs, compounded individualised nutrient supplementation, assessing and optimising your hormones and prescription of weight loss medications.
  • Education and referral for weight loss surgery and medical, psychological and nutritional support for those who have already had weight loss surgery.

Our team includes nutritionally trained doctors, nurses, health coaches, psychologists, physiotherapists, naturopaths and nutritionists. The program is headed by Dr James Read an internationally renowned Nutritional medicine practitioner. Dr Read was the Vice President of The Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. In addition to his medical, anaesthetic and General practice qualifications Dr Read has a Master’s degree of Public Health majoring in Nutrition. His thesis was based upon nutritional assessment of obese patients having bariatric (weight loss) surgery. As the Bariatric physician for Weight loss Solutions (Gold Coast) Dr Read spent several years as part of a multidisciplinary team guiding patients through both surgical and non-surgical weight loss journeys providing both medical and nutritional support.

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